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Since 2001 the Community College Survey of Student Engagement (CCSSE) has provided actionable student engagement data to two-year colleges across the United States and beyond. Over its first four administrations the survey underwent several revisions, and in 2004 evolved into the instrument used by member colleges today.

The Center recently looked back on over ten years of CCSSE data and reported those findings in Engagement Rising. Informed by this analysis of CCSSE data, member college feedback, and cognitive interviews with community college students, we are pleased to announce the Center's newest survey-related project: CCSSE Refresh. This process of survey review and revision began in 2014 and culminated in the release of the new CCSSE survey instrument during the spring 2017 administration.

Colleges familiar with the version of the survey administered between 2005 and 2016 will see that on the surface very little has changed. CCSSE Refresh was never intended as an overhaul of an already-successful instrument for data collection and benchmarking. Rather, CCSSE Refresh consists of a series of changes—edits to some items, removal of a few outdated items, and the addition of several High-Impact Practices items—that improves the quality of data available to colleges and make the survey more relevant in relation to changes in the community college field. All CCSSE Refresh revisions have been made with member colleges in mind, as the continued success of CCSSE ultimately depends on the survey's continued relevance and usefulness to the institutions it serves.

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