Sampling and Administration

Sampling and Administration



CCSSE is administered to students in randomly selected classes (credit courses only) at each participating college. The required number of course sections to be surveyed is determined by the total sample size needed to reduce sampling error and to ensure valid results. Sample sizes range from approximately 600 to approximately 1,200 students, depending on institutional size. (For colleges with fewer than 1,500 students, please contact your liaison to discuss sampling options.)


A college also may elect to increase its sample size to support analysis of particular areas of the college or issues of local interest. For example, oversampling nursing classes might provide important information in advance of an accreditation visit. Or a 100% sample of developmental education classes could shed light on the experience of that important group. Oversampling may be necessary for multicampus or multisite institutions where there is a desire to assess performance of the individual sites.


Following is a list of key roles, with definitions of the roles and explanations of how these roles are determined in the CCSSE survey administration process.

The CCSSE Liaison helps guide the campus coordinator in the survey administration process. The liaison is a CCSSE staff member who will remind the campus coordinator about deadlines and materials needed to make the process as seamless as possible. CCSSE assigns a liaison to every institution participating in the survey.

The Campus Coordinator is the designated contact between your assigned CCSSE liaison and your institution. A primary role of the coordinator is to oversee and support the activities of the survey administrator(s). Also, the coordinator is the link to all required information, such as obtaining the course master data file, class cover sheets, program code sheet, etc. The campus coordinator is selected by the college president to supervise the CCSSE survey administration process.

The Survey Administrator is responsible for the administration, collection, and return of surveys. This person acts as the link between the college's campus coordinator and the instructors whose classes are being surveyed. It is the survey administrator's responsibility to arrange class time to administer the surveys in the identified classes. It is important that he or she follow the procedures outlined in this guide. In particular, when administering the survey, it is key that the survey script is read to each class. The script contains important information about which all participants must be made aware before they complete the survey. Finally, if there are any problems during the administration process, the survey administrator should contact the campus coordinator for assistance. The campus coordinator selects the administrator. There may be multiple survey administrators.

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